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Ray Diagrams
Simulation - Different lenses
Animation - Bending light
Animation - Ray diagrams for lenses & mirrors
Animation - Virtual Experiment, Refraction
Video - How to draw a ray diagram for a lens
Video - How to draw a ray diagram for a mirror
gram for a telescope

Reflecting telescopes
Video - ESO - The evolution of the reflecting telescope

Charge-couple devices
Video - How the CCD works
Animation and intro to CCDs
Animation - CCD chip
Animation - CCD buckets analogy
Video - How a CMOS device works

Exploring the Universe
Video - Eyes on the Skies
Video - IOP - Observing using the EM Spectrum
Brian Cox looks back in time
Hubble space telescope
ALMA - radio telescope array (nearly completed and partially built in Heanor!)
Video - Sixty Symbols - Recycled Stars
Simulation - HR Applet

Supernovae, Neutron Stars and Black Holes 

Doppler Effect

Dark Energy